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PM 2.5 filter
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PM 2.5 filter

The Filters Animation

Modla Filter

The Filters Animation


We combine the latest manufacturing techniques and materials science to compact incredible filtration efficiency, with extremely low air resistance.


Our Filters are designed to capture the smallest bacteria and pollutants - achieving 99% PFE (Particle Filtration Efficiency) for particles between 0.1-1 micron.


The Filters are entirely, 100% recyclable. By taking responsibility for the recycling stage of the product journey, we can ensure that used Filters can be repurposed into new durable products.

Technical Data Sheet

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The ModlaPPE Mask makes high performance respiratory protection accessible, sustainable and affordable.

High filtration, low resistance.
EN 1827 standard. FM P2 classification.

Reuse and Recycle

The Mask is reusable.
The Filters are recycled in a circular system, zero waste to landfill.


Our design means a more reactive, localised 'in-country' supply to meet per country spikes in demand.


Designed to be as small and light as possible and to be comfortable when worn with eyewear.


Designed to be used comfortably and consistently, over many hours. Perfect for medical and healthcare professionals.


High performance PPE, at exceptional low-cost. Huge saving compared to disposable masks.

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