Our Values

Zero Waste

Zero Waste

We strive to achieve minimal environmental impact; from raw material to the product end-of-life; zero waste to landfill.



We drive consumer change through engagement and education in the process of recycling.



Good practice and conduct is who we are and what we do.



Taking leaps by applying smart design and engineering to all creative endeavours.

Our Team

Jon Fidler


In early 2020, Jon drew on his specific respiratory product design, engineering, materials and circular system knowledge to develop a better solution for healthcare professionals and pandemic response worldwide.

Prior to founding ModlaPPE, Jon designed worked with Reebok Innovation Collective to design and develop a pollution mask for urban cyclists. When he's not designing products for major brands or respirators to protect public health, Jon may be found hurtling through Berkshire on a road bike and pushing for a new Iron Man PB.

Innovation - Sustainability - Product Design

Jon Fidler, ModlaPPE
Samantha Cullum, ModlaPPE
Samantha Cullum

Samantha has a wealth of experience bringing product to market, having held senior operational roles in a range of sectors including an Aim-Listed healthtech / wearable company and is also the CEO of Upstartr, a boutique impact consultancy. She holds an MBA from The London Business School.

Operations – Executive – Strategy

Michael Crouch, ModlaPPE
Michael Crouch

Mike has a breadth of experience across banking, corporate finance, investor relations and management consultancy (across 3 continents).

Since returning home to the UK in 2017, he has helped launch several businesses and also runs Kleer, an accountancy and consultancy for UK SMEs.

Commercial – Marketing – Fundraising

Vicky Mahony, ModlaPPE
Vicky Mahony

Vicky is an accomplished program and project manager with leadership experience in both digital and product development globally. Vicky is also currently the MD of Upstartr, a boutique impact consultancy.

Programme – Digital – Supply Chain

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